Monday, 25 May 2015

Libraries & their use of Social Media.

When I first started looking into how Libraries use Social Media my first thought was that not many of them would.  But was I surprised by just how many Libraries have a social media presence. 

The three I would like to share with you are;

The State Library of Victoria Blog.  It contains a variety of information but it has quite a lot on Victorian & Melbourne's history.

The second is my local libraries.  Since following their website & Facebook page I have learnt so much that is going on in my local area.  I have also found a great resource that lets me download with my Wyndham Library Membership a lot of magazines to read for free, straight to my Ipad.

The last one is the National Library of Australia.  Their website is great but I really like following their Facebook page as they are very active with their posts.

I think it is great that libraries have a Facebook presence, are tweeting, blogging and using their websites as an alternate front door to the actual library.  It is really connecting them in the present with more people that possibly before the use of social media.


  1. Hi Meagan, I'm also a fan of the State Library and the National Library, particularly Trove. I agree that their social media feeds really give them a much broader reach into the community so they don't remain just well kept secrets. Many people aren't aware of the incredible array of information resources they have to offer and the blogs, Facebook and Twitter feeds etc are a great way of getting the message out there. Cheers, Tom

  2. Leebe's blog social media class 2015

    Hi Megan, I believe that the libraries and their social media platforms do give them greater community awareness of what the libraries have available. They can let the community know of any major events happening, any new acquisitions and what they have available in their collections. Cheers, Lee