Monday, 25 May 2015

Libraries & their use of Social Media.

When I first started looking into how Libraries use Social Media my first thought was that not many of them would.  But was I surprised by just how many Libraries have a social media presence. 

The three I would like to share with you are;

The State Library of Victoria Blog.  It contains a variety of information but it has quite a lot on Victorian & Melbourne's history.

The second is my local libraries.  Since following their website & Facebook page I have learnt so much that is going on in my local area.  I have also found a great resource that lets me download with my Wyndham Library Membership a lot of magazines to read for free, straight to my Ipad.

The last one is the National Library of Australia.  Their website is great but I really like following their Facebook page as they are very active with their posts.

I think it is great that libraries have a Facebook presence, are tweeting, blogging and using their websites as an alternate front door to the actual library.  It is really connecting them in the present with more people that possibly before the use of social media.

Copyright & Social Media.

I found the below article very interesting as it discusses the use of copyright and twitter and it states that a "short post" is an exception to the copyright rules, and as twitter is limited to using only 140 characters per post, does it or can it infringe copyright?  It states that you must then look to the substance of the tweet and ask the following;

The work must:
  • Not be copied from something else;
  • Have some minimal level of literary skill, and
  • Not be too insubstantial.
My first question was is a re-tweet then copyright of the original post?  Yes it probably is!  It definitely raises a lot of questions and I would be interested to read your thoughts on the subject of copyright & twitter.

I myself have been asked to remove a picture from Pinterest as the owner of the artwork didn't want it displayed on the internet and I have also had other pins removed by Pinterest for the same reasons. I am very careful now to make sure that the correct reference is given to the owner of the pictures.

Please share your thoughts about this article with me once you have read it.

"Just be thoughtful, kind and use common sense." Social Media Etiquette.

I love the article below it describes social media etiquette in a nut shell.  "Just be thoughtful, kind and use common sense."  You would do this in your normal everyday surroundings so you should have the same common courtesy's online.

One additional thing to keep in mind is that sarcasm doesn't translate well over social media (the written word) so always keep this in mind.  I have also included a link to an example of this.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Social Media Privacy Issues

The following article discusses the importance of privacy issues while using social media in 2014 but are still very much a problem in 2015.

In all the articles I have researched on privacy issues while using social media the number one thing to always be aware of is to be very diligent while using all social media sites as not only are scammers and fraudsters looking to steal your identity, businesses big and small are also looking for information on you so that marketing information can be sent your way.

My advice to stay safe online while using social media is to change your passwords frequently and never give out more information on yourself than is required to log into the accounts you wish to use. Even changing your birthdate by 1 day either side of your real date is a good idea.

Here is a link to one article that I found interesting.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

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Welcome to my first blog post.
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