Monday, 25 May 2015

Copyright & Social Media.

I found the below article very interesting as it discusses the use of copyright and twitter and it states that a "short post" is an exception to the copyright rules, and as twitter is limited to using only 140 characters per post, does it or can it infringe copyright?  It states that you must then look to the substance of the tweet and ask the following;

The work must:
  • Not be copied from something else;
  • Have some minimal level of literary skill, and
  • Not be too insubstantial.
My first question was is a re-tweet then copyright of the original post?  Yes it probably is!  It definitely raises a lot of questions and I would be interested to read your thoughts on the subject of copyright & twitter.

I myself have been asked to remove a picture from Pinterest as the owner of the artwork didn't want it displayed on the internet and I have also had other pins removed by Pinterest for the same reasons. I am very careful now to make sure that the correct reference is given to the owner of the pictures.

Please share your thoughts about this article with me once you have read it.

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